I hear all over the news not to buy medications from India because they are fake and have all kinds of bad things in the pills, are yours real?
Yes, our pills are real and we are confident enough in the quality to provide a reship guarantee at no extra charge if there are any issues with the quality or delivery of your order.

Are these real or fake pills?
The pills we sell are real, they are generics. Generic pills have the same active ingredient as the original brand medication but just made by a different manufacturer with a different manufacturing process.

Where are the pills made?
The generic medications are manufactured in India by very reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. Our main generic manufacturer are:
Ajanta Pharma
Centurion Laboratories
Aurochem Laboratories
Biobaxy Technologies
Sunrise Remedies

What is the difference between Brands and Generics?
Brand medications are more reliable and come from a higher quality manufacturer, whereas generic medications are manufactured using a more cost-effective process. However both types of medications have the same ingredient and should do the same job. The way we guarantee quality of medications is by providing a reship guarantee, which means we will reship the order free of charge if there are any issues with either the delivery or the quality of pills.

Do you guarantee these pills will work for me?

Yes, we are confident enough in our products to provide a reship/refund policy, so in the rare event that our pills don't work we will reship your order at no extra charge or refund the original payment.  Order the medication that your doctor prescribed for you and you know they are effective for you.

How can you sell at such cheap price?

The generic manufacturers we work with don't have to invest in advertising and research, they just use an established process to make the same pills and pass on the saving to their customers.

Why does Pfizer make generic Viagra in their plant in India but won't allow it to be sold in the USA?
There are different quality controls and local US pharmacies only stock pills from manufacturers of the highest quality, so Indian manufacturers often aren't allowed to be used as official suppliers.

Do I need a prescription?

Prescription is not required, you can order online or by phone.

Am I going to get in trouble for ordering medications online? Is it illegal?
Generic pills are legal, and your order is shipped in a discreet personal envelope, so there are no extra taxes to pay when it is delivered. Delivery is done by the postal service and they would usually ask someone to sign for the package as proof the package was delivered.  

Why don't you sell pain or weight-loss or other medications?

Our range of pills is focused on Erectile Dysfuction medications, with a few additions of other generic pills. Pain and weight-loss pills are often controlled substances medications and we do not sell those.

Can you get medications that are not listed on your website?
No. Orders placed over the phone are done in the same way as online orders, so only the pills advertised online are available for sale.

Which pill is the best?
Every person has their own best, so there isn't really a universal pill.

Which pill do you sell the most of?
Which pill is more popular? The most popular is Sildenafil 100mg and Tadalafil 20mg.

Which medication is stronger?

The easiest way to tell is by price, the higher the per pill price the better the medication. As a general guide the professional versions are strongest, those would be Sildenafil Professional 100mg, Tadalafil Professional 20mg and Vardenafil Professional 20mg.

Which medication will last the longest? Which is the most effective?

Sildenafil lasts 4 hours, same for Vardenafil, and Tadalafil lasts 36 hours.

Will these pills work for me?
If you have bought Sildenal (Viagra) from you local pharmacy and that worked then our tablets would work too, same for Tadalafil (Cialis) and Vardenafil (Levitra). In the rare event that our pills don't work we provide a reship guarantee at no extra charge.

Are these FDA approved?
No. Our pills are generic and the manufacturers are not bound by FDA regulations. The quality control is done by the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to maintain a reliable manufacturing process.

I bought some generic pills from another website and they have gone out of business, how can I get the same pills from you?
There are many generic manufacturers in India.  The main ones we work with have been in business for many years and aren't expecting to stop any time soon. So the pills might be similar to the generics you have bought before but not necessarily the exact same ones.

Do you limit the amount of pills I can buy?
We limit orders to 60 pills per shipment for countries like Netherlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Cyprus, Czech Republic and some others. For USA there is no limit, but we will generally split bulk orders into lots of 500 pills per package.

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